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Welcome! - [Insert clever name for a Toronto queer book club [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
[Insert clever name for a Toronto queer book club

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Welcome! [Jul. 9th, 2006|02:41 pm]
[Insert clever name for a Toronto queer book club


My many searches have turned up no queer book club in Toronto.  So here it is.

I'm hoping for suggestions about the following things:

Ok, we need a name!  Whatcha got?

(Suggestions for new icons also appreciated!)

Where do we meet?

When do we meet?

What books would we like to read and discuss?  Should we make an effort to read new, emerging stuff, or start with some old standards?

I was thinking it'd be a good idea to get a reading schedule together, meet about once a month, talk about the new book, and we'd already know what the next book coming up is at that time - so basically, to get us started, we need a book to talk about in August and one for September, and we'll decide October's book in August.

My other suggestion is that we would all touch base via LJ with a few things to think about with regard to the book being discussed, not to formalize the discussion, but just to kind of get it started online and give everyone's thinker a kickstart.

Ok, so drop a comment, introduce yourself, and let's talk when, where, and what!

[User Picture]From: vorpal
2006-07-10 12:41 pm (UTC)

Re: Book suggestions....

Hey all!

I'm Sebastian, a 28 year old gay guy living in eastern Toronto (think Greenwood area), currently working on my PhD in computer science at U of T. I've actually been looking for a GLBT oriented book club for awhile now. There was one being offered downtown, but when I contacted them, I believe that it was a very tiny group with the youngest member being 50, and I think I would have felt out of place being that much younger than everyone else, so I didn't really pursue it.

Anyways, I've never really done the whole book club thing before and I'm not convinced that it'll be my cup of tea, but I'd certainly like to give it a try!

As for area, I have no objections to going anywhere that's easily TTC accessible, provided it won't take me an hour to get there. Downtown is definitely good, as is the Annex, as some people mentioned.

With regards to specific books, heh... most of my exposure to queer literature has been to the pretty vapid variety, which isn't really book club worthy stuff, so I'll leave it to you guys and just go with the flow. Anything over 400 pages-ish I can't imagine I'd have the time to read what with research and what not.
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