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Welcome! - [Insert clever name for a Toronto queer book club [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Welcome! [Jul. 9th, 2006|02:41 pm]
[Insert clever name for a Toronto queer book club


My many searches have turned up no queer book club in Toronto.  So here it is.

I'm hoping for suggestions about the following things:

Ok, we need a name!  Whatcha got?

(Suggestions for new icons also appreciated!)

Where do we meet?

When do we meet?

What books would we like to read and discuss?  Should we make an effort to read new, emerging stuff, or start with some old standards?

I was thinking it'd be a good idea to get a reading schedule together, meet about once a month, talk about the new book, and we'd already know what the next book coming up is at that time - so basically, to get us started, we need a book to talk about in August and one for September, and we'll decide October's book in August.

My other suggestion is that we would all touch base via LJ with a few things to think about with regard to the book being discussed, not to formalize the discussion, but just to kind of get it started online and give everyone's thinker a kickstart.

Ok, so drop a comment, introduce yourself, and let's talk when, where, and what!

[User Picture]From: rexlezard
2006-07-10 12:50 am (UTC)

Re: Count me in...

And in my experience it's kind of nice to get someone to do some author research, or have some questions to start so that discussion is more directed than a social evening (though that's definitely part of it).

I agree, completely! I was thinking we could kind of pick people through the group's LJ, and folks could take turns.

But am wary of buying books for a book club (glad you already noted financial restrictiveness) and if this can be found through the library then I'm a go for it. The TPL has put out a brochure of gay & lesbian titles in the TPL--perhaps a starting discussion point? I have a copy somewhere and can post the listed titles at some point...

I would love for you to post that list!

Of course, people can always share books, get them from the library, and once we know how many people we have on a regular basis, we could talk to one of the local independent bookstores to see if we could get a discount on a specific title each month if we could guarantee a certain number of sales, possibly by pre-ordering or something.

One problem with having a bunch of people reading the same title at the same time is that it's often the case that the library doesn't have very many copies.
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[User Picture]From: femmusic
2006-07-10 05:57 pm (UTC)

Re: Count me in...

Actually, I was scrolling the TPL website and this month is Pride month (isn't that every month?) so they had a list of recommended reading, split into fiction and non-fiction (this isn't the list I was talking about but will post that once I find it at a later date):



All the Bold Days of My Restless Life by Sharon Stone
Alternatives to Sex by Stephen McCauley
Bilal’s Bread by Sulayman X
Desert Blood: The Juarez Murders by Alicia Gaspar de Alba
In Too Deep by Ronica Black
Loose End by Ivan E. Coyote
Mother of Sorrows by Richard McCann
My lucky Star by Joe Keenan
The Night Watch by Sarah Waters
Swimming in the Monsoon Sea by Shyam Selvadurai
Tapas on the Ramblas: a Russell Quant Mystery by Anthony Budelka

Non Fiction

Brokeback Mountain: Story to Screenplay by Annie Proulx
Homocore: The Loud and Raucous Rise of Queer Rock by David Ciminelli
Just Add Hormones: An Insider’s Guide to the Transsexual Experience by Matt Kailey
Lesbian Pulp Fiction: The Sexually Intrepid World of Lesbian Paperback Novels, 1950-1965 by Katherine V. Forrest
The Tricky Part: One Boy’s Fall From Trespass Into Grace by Martin Moran
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[User Picture]From: rexlezard
2006-07-10 06:29 pm (UTC)

Re: Count me in...

That's great! Thanks!
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